Tyne O'Connell with spaniel and champagne

Eccentric Thinker of the Year

Eccentric Thinker of the Year
TYNE O’CONNELL Awarded “The Most Eccentric Thinker of the Year” 2015 by The Eccentric Club – Patron HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

“An accomplished writer, thinker, philosopher and dreamer, worshiping, just like the rest of us, the Eccentricity of Mayfair! Romantic, witty, funny and thorough when it comes to philosophy or nostalgic reminiscences of the glorious days and glamorous attires, good manners and classic flirt! The style of her narration and the logic of her reasoning are somewhat unique and representative of the great Mayfair eccentric thinker.” The Eccentric Club

The 2015 Eccentric of the Year Awards are out and Tyne O’Connell has been awarded Eccentric Thinker of the Year as the above quote explains. Dandizettes fully agrees with and supports this excellent decision.

The phenomenon of practical eccentricity has been an object of great interest for centuries. This worldwide phenomenon has its spiritual home in Mayfair and St James’s where dandizettes, dandies and eccentrics roam the streets, haunt the bars and clubs, and parade in the parks and squares. Tyne O’Connell is one of Mayfair’s famous dandizettes and as a natural eccentric and prolific writer she will no doubt honour this honour with her usual joie de vivre and mots de jours.

As Tyne has oft said – as a dandizette it is your duty and honour to express yourself to the benefit of the eyes of others. After all, what culturally aware person does not enjoy a well dressed, beautifully bejewelled and deliciously scented dandizette. But who will make the effort? Well thankfully you will darling and so will I and so there is hope.


Dandizettes – right behind The Eccentric Club’s Eccentric of the Year Awards.