Take a stand against the tyranny of casual wear

The Tyranny of Casual Wear

Take A Stand Against The Tyranny Of Casual Wear

I Beseech you to Bespeak your suits & gowns Ladies & Gentlemen, gather your girdles while yea may & glove up for glamour! I resist the strenuous pressure society places on me to wear what they erroneously refer to as casual-attire. Besides who wants to be Casual?

Take a stand against the tyranny of casual wear

I embrace the Formal! One knows where one is with formal.

Casual is not a state I’m comfortable with. Casual implies a state of lurching chaos, in which a cricket-ball or hand-grenade could be hurled into to my life without warning. As a consequence, Im perpetually what is cruelly termed: “overdressed”. The world is out to shame me into man-made-fabrics, stretch-fabrics poly-cotton-mixes & other highly flammable man-made textiles.

When a girl can’t feel safe in candlelight or snuggle up to a hearth, Society has come to the nasty impasse. We must not surrender our girdles or ballgowns girls! We must stand firm in our #whale-bone-corsetry & wiggery & say “No, I eschew your casual, scratchy poly-textiles”. There is nothing casual about clothes that cling to one’s silhouette without the requirement of whalebone corsetry. It is unsettling.


There is an honesty to being laced into a girdle, but I shudder at all stretch-fabrics & consequently I am perpetually out-of-step with a society that claims it wants me to feel comfortable.

I am comfortable in my girdles & whale-bone corsetry & ball-gowns.

I am comfortable in cheeky hats & sable-muffs & Georgian-robes.

I am comfortable in my dear little wiggies & I am comfortable in a tiara.

Casual clothes, like ready-to-wear are the sartorial gateway to poor-posture, indifferent manners & unattractive seating arrangements.

Start embroidering your banners for we are on the march! Heed the call to charms! Don your ballgowns & white-tie, summon all prettily-minded, Forward-thinking gentlemen & women to march down Pall-Mall & demand an end to the jack-booted brown-shirted Tyranny of casual-attire & man-made-fabric proponents & demand gymnasium-wear be contained within the walls of gymnasiums & made of natural fabrics.

The Tyranny of Casual Wear.

Chandalier hanging Claridges purple ballgown

Dandizettes Always Wear Ballgowns

Ballgowns – Don’t wait for the Occassion – always wear a ballgown

Dandizettes ballgowns Tyne O Connell

“Life’s too short to waste a moment on the mundane” I told my children. We owe it to posterity to live extraordinary lives.

We instinctively know this as children but as we age we accept the ordinary all too readily.

Tyne O'Connell fencing in St James's Square London

Since my illness – unable to wear heels or lug handbags – I’ve taken to wafting about my flat or hospital in ballgowns as I did as a little girl because I can’t afford to wait for occasions that may never come again.

So I sit about my flat or hospital bed sipping tea from bone china in tiaras & antique robes in to raise my spirits & add some glamour.

Ballgowns are always appropriate attire for a dandizette

My mother said, “inside every little old lady there’s an antique little girl eager to break free. She never believed you’re too old! Mummy danced on tables & drank champagne & wore ALL her jewels & finery ALL the time until the day she died.

Her generations still held balls & celebrated life & beauty while enduring depressions & fighting wars. My grandfather read poetry in the trenches of the Great War.

Tyne O'Connell dandizette in ballgown

Tyne O’Connell – Dandizette in Ballgown

Like Queen Elizabeth II Mummy relied on her friends pooling their ration books in order to purchase the fabric for her wedding gown – I’m wearing in this picture taken with my spaniel. The idea that she should forgo duchess-satin because bombs were falling or there was a depression was unthinkable.

We must never surrender larkiness art or splendour in the face of illness or war. For that’s what makes life extraordinary.

Besides everything seems more possible in ballgowns tiaras & white-tie.