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Dandizette Pronunciation

Dandizette pronunciation in a nutshell:

Dandizette pronunciation: noun, dan·di·zette  \¦dandē¦zet\
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Definition of DANDIZETTE

A dandizette is a woman who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance: a female dandy

However in the opinion of www.Dandizettes.com a dandizette is far more than her fabulous, stylish and sometimes flamboyant appearance. Being a dandizette is about attitude, elegance, linguistic technique, sisterhood, quality, mindfulness, wit, charm and above all the decision to accept only the best even if that means making major sacrifices along the way.

Dandizette sensibility is as old as the hills though it peaked in Mayfair in London during The Restoration and was a force to be reckoned with across Europe particularly in the late 1800’s. The Dandizette, also known as the Quaintrelle or Cointrelle, is to the female what the Dandy is to the male – both exhibit cosmopolitan flair, humour and joie e vivre and have a dedication to sartorial originality and flair that invokes both envy and joy in all who meet them.


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