St James’s Street

St James's Street

St James’s Street : This is why I live in St. James’s: nothing I wear or do or say will raise an eye-brow in this spiritual homeland of Eccentrics, where every vista hosts a heartening reminder of the inspirational women that created this retail & residential paradise in the 1660’s.

Lady Elizabeth Wilbraham the architect who designed the glass-fronted arcades & garden squares; The Duchess of Newcastle who gave us the salon-life, spearheading Britain’s Enlightenment in the 1660’s; Queen Catherine of Braganza who introduced tea‬ & tolerance & the stiff-upper-lip approach to the struggles she faced as wife of the rake-ish King Charles II.

AphraBehn‬ spy, playwright & poet she outstripped Dryden‬ with the number of plays written & produced in the era & was the first writer to mention Mayfair‬ & StJames‬‘s in her play The Rover of 1667 igniting the curiosity & imaginations of the London populace as to what was going on in the drawing rooms & ball-rooms of the area…

The fuse of intrigue lit, Mayfair & St James’s has been exploding with intrigue, fashion, art & thrills ever since.
St James’s & Mayfair I doff my tiara to you.

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