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The Dandizettes Blog is home to articles, posts, bon mots, insights and invaluable advice on the world of the dandizette, both past and present: the contribution made and still being made to the vitality of western civilisation.


Definition of Dandizette

Dandizettes defined by history The terms Dandizette & Dandy were initially terms of mockery. Dandizettes were a manifestation of the ...
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A Mayfair Dandy

The Mayfair Dandy

The Mayfair Dandy The Mayfair Dandy was first spotted during The Civil War  The British have a long history of ...
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St James's Street

St James’s Street

St James's Street : This is why I live in St. James's: nothing I wear or do or say will ...
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Tyne O'Connell reading at home house poetry evening

The 4 Dandizettes Who Created Mayfair

Tyne O'Connell read from her upcoming book Mayfair Eccentrics which uncovers the secret history behind The Coterie of Eccentric Women ...
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Take a stand against the tyranny of casual wear

The Tyranny of Casual Wear

Take A Stand Against The Tyranny Of Casual Wear I Beseech you to Bespeak your suits & gowns Ladies & ...
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Chandalier hanging Claridges purple ballgown

Dandizettes Always Wear Ballgowns

Ballgowns - Don't wait for the Occassion - always wear a ballgown "Life's too short to waste a moment on ...
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Tyne O'Connell with spaniel and champagne

Eccentric Thinker of the Year

TYNE O’CONNELL Awarded “The Most Eccentric Thinker of the Year” 2015 by The Eccentric Club - Patron HRH The Prince ...
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Tyne O'Connell Mount Strreet

Dandizette Pronunciation

Dandizette pronunciation in a nutshell: Dandizette pronunciation: noun, dan·di·zette  \¦dandē¦zet\ Definition of DANDIZETTE A dandizette is a woman who gives ...
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