Bon Mots

Definition: A clever saying delivered by a dandizette, a phrase or witticism; often, a witty riposte in dialogue, witticism, quip, pun, pleasantry, jest, joke or sally.

Tyne O'Connell in a Bath in Mayfair

It is a foolish man who mistakes the Dandizette’s zeal for style and etiquette as mere frippery. Style is deadly serious and we Dandizettes mean business. This, is our Call to Charms.

Baudelaire considered the Dandizette’s very existence a reproach against middle class values. Dandys such as Beau Brummell & Oscar Wilde set tongues wagging with their bon mots and sartorial swagger. Wilde’s green carnation, a dare to anyone who challenged him to conform, but here is where women have the edge, because ladies have always known that we live and die before a mirror.

Dandizettes are non conformists. We reject stretch jersey and sloppy manners with equal distain. Dandizettes are delighted by gentlemen opening doors, offering up their seats and tipping their hats, for a dandizette knows that no one can be disenfranchised by good manners and everyone can be enfranchised by bon mots.

So if you choose individuality over conformity, charm over bullying, etiquette over vulgarity, don your tweed & Bouclé and swathe yourself in pearls and let your style be your battle cry:

Take up charms – not arms!” Awaken your Inner-Dandizette and sign up to the Dandizette Revolution here…