Rediscovering the lost pleasures of The Raj through Tiffin.

Tiffin is an Indian custom that once superseded the great English tradition of Afternoon Tea. Tiffin can be taken on the move or eaten when you fancy outside of traditional mealtimes.

A dandizette tiffinYou need to purchase the Tiffin boxes which are a stack of same sized round tins made of aluminium silver or gold depending on your budget and style. Stacked for ease of transport they are clipped together by a handle. You can purchase these Tiffin carriers in any Indian market and many an international supermarché. They add a timeless splendour to any venue – you can take them punting on the river Isis in Oxford or to Hyde Park in London. You can even take them to a friends place as a movable feast.

Have your favourite restaurant of deli fill each of the carriers with individual delicacies from lavender macaroons to artichokes. Team them with your favourite frock and heels and voila you have a memorable moveable and feast. And herein lies the secret to you your dining habits – never be unmemorable.