The Mayfair Dandy

The Mayfair Dandy

The Mayfair Dandy was first spotted during The Civil War 

The MayfairDandy - A LONDON DANDY OF 1646

The British have a long history of expressing their opinions sartorially but protestants in the 17th century eschewed all decoration believing beauty & art & larks & fun, like dancing & theatre, were the Devils-Gateway, while those loyal to the Catholic Stuart King Charles I, The Cavaliers, flaunted their finery lace & feathered hats.

The Dandy was mocked by the Puritans & after 1649 Dandizettes & Dandies were beaten by Cromwell’s Protestant Army who patrolled the streets of Britain meting out their brutal punishments to anyone caught dancing singing or wearing decorative clothing makeup or jewels – even toys & games were banned under the Protestants who saw all fun as a gateway to Satan.

No wonder the fountains of London flowed with Champagne & Londoners danced in the street for a fortnight when King Charles II was restored to the throne on May 29 1660.

The Dandy & The Dandizettes & reigned supreme & beauty & fun saw off the Puritan Tyrants.

In 1660 Charles II began creating Mayfair & St James’s as a residential & retail haven where lovers of art & beauty & eccentrics of all genders & faiths could feel safe & mingle amongst their fellow eccentrics. God save the King!