The Tyranny of Casual Wear

Take A Stand Against The Tyranny Of Casual Wear

I Beseech you to Bespeak your suits & gowns Ladies & Gentlemen, gather your girdles while yea may & glove up for glamour! I resist the strenuous pressure society places on me to wear what they erroneously refer to as casual-attire. Besides who wants to be Casual?

Take a stand against the tyranny of casual wear

I embrace the Formal! One knows where one is with formal.

Casual is not a state I’m comfortable with. Casual implies a state of lurching chaos, in which a cricket-ball or hand-grenade could be hurled into to my life without warning. As a consequence, Im perpetually what is cruelly termed: “overdressed”. The world is out to shame me into man-made-fabrics, stretch-fabrics poly-cotton-mixes & other highly flammable man-made textiles.

When a girl can’t feel safe in candlelight or snuggle up to a hearth, Society has come to the nasty impasse. We must not surrender our girdles or ballgowns girls! We must stand firm in our #whale-bone-corsetry & wiggery & say “No, I eschew your casual, scratchy poly-textiles”. There is nothing casual about clothes that cling to one’s silhouette without the requirement of whalebone corsetry. It is unsettling.


There is an honesty to being laced into a girdle, but I shudder at all stretch-fabrics & consequently I am perpetually out-of-step with a society that claims it wants me to feel comfortable.

I am comfortable in my girdles & whale-bone corsetry & ball-gowns.

I am comfortable in cheeky hats & sable-muffs & Georgian-robes.

I am comfortable in my dear little wiggies & I am comfortable in a tiara.

Casual clothes, like ready-to-wear are the sartorial gateway to poor-posture, indifferent manners & unattractive seating arrangements.

Start embroidering your banners for we are on the march! Heed the call to charms! Don your ballgowns & white-tie, summon all prettily-minded, Forward-thinking gentlemen & women to march down Pall-Mall & demand an end to the jack-booted brown-shirted Tyranny of casual-attire & man-made-fabric proponents & demand gymnasium-wear be contained within the walls of gymnasiums & made of natural fabrics.

The Tyranny of Casual Wear.